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Self Preservation in its purest form, is making oneself  a priority. Life happens and it is so easy to find oneself being pulled in many different directions. Depending on roles in life, there are some days when it seems as if there aren’t enough hours in the day for what needs to be done.   However, self preservation supports quality of life which is vitally important.  No longer trying to be all things to all people is an important first step. Some call it people pleasing, others call it the inability to just say no. Whatever it is, burning both ends of the candle stick will only produce melted wax with the inability to shine light on anything.

Self preservation isn’t some new concept. Finding the balance between enjoying life and maintaining the responsibilities that come along with life are evident.  Time is managed wisely and events are planned accordingly.    Lack of planning truly does not constitute an emergency. Relationships and partnerships meant to be toxic are immediately abandoned.  No guilt is felt when taking pleasure in life.  Being the center of attention is unnecessary.   Personal responsibility is  strongly encouraged in the lives of those near because being everyone’s personal rescue boat not  an option.

Self preservation  is deeper than, getting hair, nails or feet done.  It is protecting mind, body and spirit without worrying about offense.  Truly understanding what self love is about and guarding it at all cost. Constantly assessing whether one is   living or just existing in life; then making the proper changes that will usher in balance.  Preserve oneself or fall pray to the business and chaos of others.

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