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Our Services


Our consultants have over 15 years experience in LTC, specializing in evaluating facility performance, and customizing improvement strategies to enhance financial and clinical outcomes.Services include a review of clinical systems, outcomes and potential risk management issues, and evaluation of your organizational structure and leadership team. Then determine a focused approach that identifies opportunities to increase cash flow and revenue as well as capture operational efficiencies. Additional services include returning to Compliance after a Challenging Survey, Quality Systems Audit, and Mock Surveys.


We are very passionate about community based healthcare education and provide workshops addressing Cardiac Disease, Diabetes, and HIV/AIDS.

CNA Mentoring

Our nursing assistant program consist of both practical, and theoretical training, and will cover the basics of a nursing assistants job through classroom instruction, lab, and clinical training

Home Health Aid Courses

Our home health aid program consist of  both practical and theoretical training, and will cover the basics of home health aid job through classroom instruction.

Career Development

Neat Health Services offers career development assistance to students enrolled in Nursing program. Our goal is to assist students with recognizing their personal strengths and potential to complete long or short-term goals in order to further develop their nursing careers.

Education Support Services

Neat Health Services is committed to assisting students with overcoming  financial barriers in their quest for education by offering financial assistance. Funding based availability.  

NEAT Companion Care