Tis the Season to Nurture Your Spiritual Wellness

As we near the close of another year, it’s an ideal time to talk about spiritual wellness and what a vital component it is within the larger picture of our overall wellness. Life is stressful. Our minds and bodies can become exhausted from all we ask them to do throughout the year. When we are tired, it’s easy to lose motivation and inspiration without some larger cause propelling us forward. Spiritual wellness is the piece of the puzzle that connects us to something larger than ourselves and the daily grind.


COVID-19 continued to be a force in 2021, setting us back in our businesses and in our personal lives. In addition, our daily pressures have not dissipated. By cultivating a strong spiritual wellness, we can renew our strength and find meaning in a world that sometimes seems meaningless.


The holidays are an ideal time to reconnect or initiate a connection with your spirituality. Though life can be very busy this month, the altruistic side of humanity is on display this season if you can see beyond the consumerism that sometimes overshadows it. This month take time to connect with yourself and your deepest intentions, as well as going out of your way to connect with friends, family and members of the community.


Attending services is a great way, not only to find a supportive community, but to be reminded of God’s messages for us and His constant desire for us to live our best life. Spiritual wellness is about recognizing both our flaws and our strengths. It’s about learning how we can become better people while simultaneously honoring exactly who we are in the moment. When we are spiritually well, it’s easier to make sense out of all the darkness. There is always some greater purpose even if we can’t see it. Spiritual wellness helps us trust in the bigger picture. As you attend services, listen for words and messages that speak to you. Try to understand what it is that you’re meant to take away from that, and then use that advice to improve your daily life.


Seek out different charities that have meaning to you, and volunteer or get involved. When we start to venture out of our private circles and into the surrounding community, we often find meaning and witness how our very existence affects the community at large. There is power in our actions, so take this time to do some good with whatever resources you have. Sometimes we overlook our strengths and resources, but when we help others who are less fortunate, we can recognize how much we truly have to give.


We are all interconnected, but can easily forget this as we navigate complex and busy lives. Now is an ideal time to take a step back and recognize what’s important. As you acknowledge and nurture your spiritual wellness this month, go deep, spread love and take care of both you and your loved ones. We’ve all done a lot of this year. Honor that contribution and stay in touch with your larger purpose.