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Positive pleasure-oriented goals are much more powerful motivators than negative fear-based ones. Although each is successful separately.

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About our company

Medicine dedicate to Compassion, Education & Empowerment

NEAT Health Services is an organization that provides consultation and educational services that are patient centered, delivered with compassion and designed to encourage community and self empowerment.

Tiffanie Walton, has over 10 years of experience in Long-term Care, Rehab Services, Cardiac Med-Surg, and Risk Management. Equipping individuals with the knowledge to have a say in the care of their loved ones , is a responsibility thats taken to heart.

Tiffanie is driven by a deep passion to encourage awareness of consumer’s rights and responsibilities; provide guidelines to assist consumers in making decisions regarding care for and the active participation in care planning. From that passion NEAT Health Services LLC was formed.

Tiffanie Walton

Tiffanie Walton

CEO & Founder

Our Neat Health Services

Our Services

NEAT Companion Care

We offer in-home support services: grocery shopping, meal preparation, medication reminders, and even light housekeeping such as laundry, bed making, trash removal, etc. LN: 236957


We are very passionate about community based healthcare education and provide workshops addressing Cardiac Disease, Diabetes, and HIV/AIDS.

CNA Mentoring

Our nursing assistant program consist of both practical, and theoretical training, and will cover the basics of a nursing assistants job through classroom instruction, lab, and clinical training

Home Health Aid Courses

Our home health aid program consist of both practical and theoretical training, and will cover the basics of home health aid job through classroom instruction.

Career Development

Neat Health Services offers career development to assist students with recognizing their personal strengths and potential to complete long or short-term goals in order to further develop their nursing careers.

Life Coaching

Neat Health Services offers one to one and group life coaching sessions to assist others to obtain a greater a well-being and fulfillment.

Why learn with NEAT Academy

Our equipped team is able to
support you!



Make a list of your achievements toward your long-term goal and remind yourself that intentions don’t count.



Make a list of your achievements toward your long-term goal and remind yourself that intentions don’t count.



Make a list of your achievements toward your long-term goal and remind yourself that intentions don’t count.

Enhancing life. Excelling in care.

We’re Committed To Delivering Outstanding Healthcare.

Our consultants have over 15 years experience in LTC, specializing in evaluating facility performance, and customizing improvement strategies to enhance financial and clinical outcomes.Services include a review of clinical systems, outcomes and potential risk management issues, and evaluation of your organizational structure and leadership team. Then determine a focused approach that identifies opportunities to increase cash flow and revenue as well as capture operational efficiencies. Additional services include returning to Compliance after a Challenging Survey, Quality Systems Audit, and Mock Surveys.

Frequently Questions

Here we address most frequently asked questions. Can’t find your answer? Head on over to our Contact Us page for additional assistance.

01. How will I receive confirmation of my space in class?

Confirmation of transactions are issued via email. 

02. What is your refund policy for product and services?

All purchases on products and services are non refundable.

03. Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365.

Latest News & Blogs

I purchased my daughter the CNA study guide provided by Tiffanie Walton, and she successfully passed her examination. The only student in her class to pass, and the only student with this book in their possession.

Esther Eugene, MSW

A young single mother with the desire to be a nurse, I decided to enter Tiffanie Walton mentor program. Tiffanie assured me I could become a nurse, even when others doubted my success. After completing the CNA prep provided by Tiffanie, I successfully passed the CNA certification exam. Tiffanie then encouraged me to continue my education and thanks to her encouragement I am now a Registered Nurse.

Meisha Trotter, RN

As a Charge Nurse in a Longterm Care facility, I witnessed Tiffanie Walton implement clinical processes, that change the culture of the facility from a homeless shelter to a patient care facility.

Pavi Gregory, RN

NEAT Companion Care is exactly what my family needed to ensure my father had quality at-home care. A LTC facility was not an option for us, but the desire to have safe, quality care for our love one was a desire, and goal that NEAT Health helped us to achieve.

Sonja Facyson

The scrubs provided by Neat Health are comfortable, and quality material for today’s nurse. The scrubs allow me to be flexible, with curves and stylish.

Nichole Bradshaw, LPN

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